Site Tour: Mouns Jones House, Douglasville, PA

I wanted to try to do a video tour of a site I work at with SPA.  This is the Mouns Jones site which is a 1716 Swedish house within Morlatton Village along the Schuylkill River.  Much of the area around the front of the house (facing the river) has been excavated along with a large cold cellar.  We are expanding our site to a location along the river about a quarter-mile from the house to investigate the possibility of trading post with the Native Americans in the area.  Enjoy the tour.



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  1. Linda Mercer says:

    Why aren’t chapter 21 members aware of a new dig site or is this just for the professionals in the group ?

    • Linda Mercer says:

      When you organize upstairs in the Fulp house,look for the fork that goes on the bone handle,it was intact in a gold box until someone moved artifacts while rooting through boxes-I found the box upside down and the fork part missing,it has to be on that floor up there still-it meant a lot,an awesome find since dug up in 3 pcs.,the handle and there were pieces of metal in the same area that when cleaned,fit together perfectly as the 2 prong fork,I have a picture of it before lost…I still have a bucket of those tiles,I found them when I jumped in the river…lots of cool stuff found there

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