Whole Lotta Archaeology Goin’ On

Summer 2016 is a busy time for IUP Archaeology! We have at least 10 active field projects involving more than 25 students, as well as several laboratory projects running throughout the summer. These projects offer students unparalleled opportunities to learn archaeological skills in a wide variety of contexts, and in some cases to make a little money. These are also ‘real’ projects in that they are designed to contribute to our understanding of past humans’ lives and are part of faculty and graduate student research programs.

IMG_7093Throughout the summer we will highlight some of the projects taking place at IUP. We’ll try to have a new blog post once a week all summer so check back regularly.



IMG_4565A taste of what’s to come:

Initial results from the IUP Archaeology Field School at the Late Prehistoric Squirrel Hill site

Reports from National Park Service funded work at Fort Necessity National Battlefield

Underwater archaeology training in Lake Erie

Updates from the Pennsylvania Highway Archaeology Survey Team (PHAST)

Stories from the Johnston Site, Historic Hanna’s Town, and the NSF Faunal Analysis Working Group

Check back soon!