Professional Clothes Opportunity

I don’t advertise on this site nor am I endorsing one business over another. That said, Here is a message from one of my students.

JC Penny in Indiana is having a 70% off sale right now. I forgot to mention something during class but I figured I would let you know so you could inform people if they wanted to go there to get professional clothing attire if they don’t already have some and can’t find anything at Goodwill. Have a good day.

Let Dr. Lenze Promote Your Organization or Event!

If you are in a career oriented organization or promoting an event that would be professionally interesting to your fellow students, let Dr. Lenze promote it through Send him the link and a graphic and he will post it so our students who nearing internship will see it!

Send the information, graphic, and any links to Dr. Lenze gets final say over what is posted but he is a very nice guy, as we all know!


IUP-TV Virtual Membership Meeting

Your career doesn’t start after graduation! It starts with involvement in your field at IUP! Show potential internship sites that you are passionate about your work and get involved at IUP-TV! If you are interested in television, film, entertainment, news, sports, promotions, programming, or anything related to television; then be at tonight’s meeting!

Mentor Match

Communications Media and Journalism & Public Relations are looking to recognize our best students and recruit them to mentor our freshmen. This semester, more than ever, new students need advice, guidance, and encouragement from our most successful juniors and seniors. To that end, we are creating Mentor Match!

If you would like to serve as a mentor and be recognized publicly for your service (What a resume boost!), then please apply by September 8th for the Mentor Match program. We will review applications and select the outstanding juniors and seniors to mentor freshmen in our academic programs.

Click here to learn more and see how you can become a mentor!