Register for COMM 493

If you received an email with registration information for COMM 493, please register as soon as possible. You must register by noon on May 11, 2018 or you will not be able to intern this summer. You have three things to do right now.

  1. Clear your email account so you can receive information about the internship.
  2. Make sure there are no holds on your IUP accounts.
  3. Register for COMM 493!

Internship Applications are Closed

We are no longer accepting applications for Internships in 2018. We are proud of the 96 students who found opportunities this summer. That is a substantial increase in the percentage of successful students from last year! Well done!

If you are interning this summer, you should have already received an email from Tammy Lucas providing you with a course number so you may register for COMM 493. Let us know immediately if you did not receive that email! You have until noon May 11, 2018 to register! After that, your internship will be canceled.

NOTE: If you were told to register for CRN 30061, please wait. We are creating a new section for you and will send that out within the next two days.

Do whatever you have to do to remove any holds on your IUP accounts and register by NOON, MAY 11, 2018!

For those who did not get internships this summer, you should remain subscribed to this site. We will begin sending out information to you in the fall to help you find an internship next summer. I’m here to help! Stop by! — Dr. Lenze

Keep Your Email Clear

Now is a good time to empty your inbox in your email account! Your COMM 493 instructor will be contacting you after you register and you will want them to be able to reach you through the official means at IUP: Your email account!

It’s time to clean house!

GPA Below 2.0 Warning


You must have a GPA of 2.0, both overall and in your major, to go on internship. We will be checking grades in May 18th. If your GPA falls below 2.0 in either your major or overall you will be dropped from COMM 493 and your internship site will be notified that you do not meet the prerequisites for COMM 493 and IUP no longer supports your internship.

Please see me if you feel your GPA may fall below 2.0.

May 2nd is the Final Deadline

May 2nd, 2018 is the final day we are able to process internships! This means we must have received a signed Site Authoriaztion Form, completed application, and Title IX and Child Protection certificates from you by that date.

The internship must be affiliated with IUP no later than May 2nd, which requires that the affiliation agreement be received from the site and processed by IUP. The affiliation process does take time; due to the approaching deadline, we suggest you find an internship currently affiliated with IUP if you are still looking for one. A comprehensive list of sites that are affililated with the University can be found here.

For those who have received Internship Confirmations, we will be sending out registration information this coming Thursday. Look for the email. You will have until Friday, May 11th to register for COMM 493. After that, you will not be able to register and the internship will be canceled.



Today is the last day to submit an application for an affiliated internship and be confident that it will be approved in time to start on May 14th. If you have already submitted your paperwork, we will process it and do everything possible to get your internship approved. If you have not already submitted your paperwork, it may still be possible.

This year, approval of affiliations has gone much faster than in past years. This will allow me to accept applications until May 1st. That will be the absolute deadline for submitting paperwork. We will have to stop at that time in order to set up sections of COMM 493.

Dr. Lenze will be out for the rest of the day due to illness. If you need to speak with him, stop by tomorrow after 11 pm.

Major Internship Dates

April 16th

Last day to turn in any internship application and site offer form.

April 30th

The week you will receive registration information for COMM 493 if your application was approved and your site is affiliated.

May 14th 

First day you may start logging hours for your internship.

For more important dates, see the calendar on this site.

Final Days

There are a few internships still available in Indiana, PA. But, April 16th is the final day to submit an internship application. After that, we will no longer accept any applications.

If you were hoping to graduate and were unable to find an internship, you should stop by and discuss your options.

The Washington Center

I visited The Washington Center on Friday for the first time and I was very impressed with their organization, housing, classrooms, and access to top tier internship sites! I was informed that even though the deadline for applications has passed, they may still be able to accept some interns and there may even be some scholarship money yet available. No promises but worth meeting with Diane Stipchak in Pratt Hall at the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Remember, if you are paying for housing this summer, TWC is actually cheaper than other internships. All internships through TWC are already affiliated. The deadline for all application is April 16. Call today!