Proof of Credit

Some internship sites require proof that the IUP Communications Media internship is a for-credit experience with academic rigor. This page may suffice. The Communications Media department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania requires all of its undergraduate students to complete a 9 credit internship between their junior year and graduation. To qualify as an internship, the following conditions apply.

  1. The internship must be approved by both the internship site and IUP.
  2. The internship must be completed within the context of COMM 493: Internship, a nine-credit
    course. The same goes for the other internship courses in the Journalism and Public Relations program and the Master’s program.
  3. The internship may only be completed during the summer.
  4. The internship must be directly supervised by a person who has the title and/or experiences
    being sought by the intern.
  5. The internship must directly benefit the intern in terms of career objectives and goals.
  6. The internship must afford the intern an opportunity to work the majority of hours at the
    internship site office. Some fieldwork outside of the office is permitted such as photo shoots on location, remote interviews, or conference attendance. Solely remote internships or home
    internships are not permitted.

The intern is required to document the internship in the form of a daily log, work a minimum of 360 hours (40 of which may be used to complete course requirements outside of work), a portfolio of work, a case study of the internship site, and a personal marketing plan as part of the course work for COMM 493. These are graded assignments.

IUP and the Communications Media department are committed to forming positive and mutually
beneficial relationships with professional individuals and organizations in the communications field. Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the best education possible and we view the internship as critical to that process. Please contact our internship coordinator, Dr. Jim Lenze, at or 724-357-2492 if you have any questions.

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