The Online Portfolio Works!

An email from one of our grads!


Good afternoon Dr. Lenze!

I hope this email finds you well! It’s been a bit of time since graduating in 2020, but I had to share this experience with you! I just accepted a new job as a Communications Coordinator with the Hershey Country Club / Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. During my interview, my hiring manager was in awe of my resume having a link to an online portfolio.
They told me out of the handful of digital marketing applicants, I was the only person with an online portfolio. I was in shock! I couldn’t believe it. I felt so proud to be an IUP Comm Media major. I want to thank you for teaching me how to develop an online portfolio during the senior portfolio course, it was a huge contributor to receiving this job offer. Feel free to use this as proof of how important that is!
Take care! I hope this semester has been a good one for you.
Morgan Detweiler

What Kinds of Internship Will Be Approved

Your work must be communications focused, appropriate for a 400-level course, and directly supervised by someone who has professional communications background and can mentor you. You must work in an area of communication. This would include Social Media Marketing, Media Production, Strategic Communication, Public or Media Relations, Journalism and Internal Organizational Communication. I’ll consider others but they must be communication focused. You must be supervised by a professional in one of these areas. You must work for an organization that is established, usually as an LLC.

GPA Requirements

Remember, to be approved for an internship you must have a 2.0 overall GPA or higher. As we approach the first week of May, I will be looking at all approved interns’ GPAs. If your GPA is near or below 2.0, your registration will held until spring grades are posted and we can see if you meet the requirement. Even if you have an approved internship, it will be canceled if your GPA is below 2.0 this summer. You may not use the internship to try and raise your GPA above a 2.0. If your GPA is currently above a 2.0 and falls below that level after spring grades, your internship registration will be canceled.

Grades matter! Let me know if you believe this might be a problem for you and we can see what steps we can take to make sure you still get an internship this summer!