Fox News Radio!

Fox New Radio is hiring summer 2023 collegiate production assistants in NYC to work on terrestrial and 24/7 Headlines on SiriusXM. They would earn college credit and be paid around $15-20/hour. If any candidates have questions don’t hesitate to contact me!
Link to posting:

Professional Opportunity: Graphics

St. Thomas More University Parish and St. Bernard of Clairvaux Parish are looking for a Part-Time Graphic Designer. We are first opening the position to any IUP student who would be interested in the paid position. Please find the job description below and pass this information on to anyone who you think would be interested.

To apply please contact Fr. Richard Owens at

Part-time Graphic Designer 

Supports the Indiana Catholic Community by providing the parish communication support utilizing established print and digital media including Sunday bulletin, mid-week digital bulletin, social media, video technologies.

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities:• Understand and have a familiarity with the Parish Mission, media, and branding.

• Assist on Weekly Sunday Bulletins and Parish Digital Signage.

• Help create designs such as flyers, posters, prayer cards, social media posts, audio/visual slides, shirts, banners, logos, etc.

• Communicate and collaborate with the staff and various parish ministries to support their communication needs using the parish bulletin, website, social media, etc.

• Fulfill other related duties as may be necessary and assigned by the pastor.



Knowledge and Abilities Required:

• Familiar with MS Office, Google Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and basic video editing.

• Proficient with all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Constant Contact, Flocknote, etc.

• Excellent writing and editorial skills.

• Must have the ability to work collaboratively without close supervision and to work well with others and work well in a team

Registration for COMM 493 and COMM 793

Registration information will be sent out later today by the Communications Media Department. This will include a course number to a specific section of either COMM 493 (undergraduate) or COMM 793 (graduate). You will have until Friday, May 5th to register for your internship. After that, you risk being dropped from the class. Your instructor will contact you early next week to familiarize you with course requirements.

If you have any questions this week or during the summer, call me at 724-840-8295. I will be happy to help. Remember, however, that your instructor should be contacted with problems first! Your instructor is the one who will award grades and will communicate with your site.

Employment Opportunity

Northwind is an Indiana County Based Federal Engineering firm that works nationwide and overseas. We have offices throughout the country including Philly, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Fayetteville and St. Louis.

We are interested in administrative support in Proposal Development, Estimating, Compliance and Accounting departments in Indiana County or Pittsburgh. This would include current students interested in part-time work that could develop into a permanent position and current or recent graduates.

We are looking for students with degrees in communication, business administration, accounting, English, marketing, and other like degrees. Please forward this to your students and if interested, have them send their current resume and interest in either part-time or full-time employment to

Autumn Wilde
Northwind Engineering
Proposal and Marketing Coordinator
105 Main Street
P.O. Box 232 Shelocta, PA 15774

April 17th: Last Day To Submit Internship Paperwork

Today is the last day to submit a site offer form and student data sheet if you wish to intern this summer. I am teaching from 9 am to 11:15 am and then going to lunch. At noon, I will begin reviewing submitted paperwork. If I find problems, I will contact you via email with the necessary corrections.

I am leaving for the day around 2 pm. You may submit paperwork via the COMMINTERNS website until 11:59 pm. Paperwork submitted after 11:59 pm today will be rejected and not reviewed.

I will be in my office from 12 pm to 2 pm today. You are welcome to stop by or call me at 724-840-8295. I will not be on Zoom during office hours.

Getting paperwork in by the due date is no guarantee of approval. It is never a good idea to wait till the last minute to submit.

Dr. Lenze

Monday April 17th Deadline


Your internship paperwork (Site Offer Form & Student Data Sheet) are due no later than Monday, April 17th at 11:59 pm. If your paperwork is not submitted by then, for any reason, you will not be approved for an internship this summer.

Alternative to The Internship

If you were hoping to graduate and did not secure an internship for this summer, you should speak to your advisor about changing your major to Communications Media: Media Studies which does not require an internship.

Things to Remember

  • You only have 30 minutes to enter data on the Student Data Sheet. Write it out first and copy and paste it onto the form.
  • All of your hours must be logged between May 8th and August 4th. You can start later and end sooner but your hours must be logged between those two dates. You may work after August 4th but those hours will NOT count toward your internship requirements. If your Site Offer Form or Student Data Sheet do not have compliant start and end dates, the internship will be rejected.
  • You must show on the Student Data Form a schedule that clearly and specifically shows how you will reach 320 hours at the site and 40 hours working on COMM 493 coursework.
  • Electronic signatures on the Site Offer Form will be rejected. The form must be signed by hand. Print it. Have your site supervisor sign it. Scan it or take a photo. Submit it.
  • Do not send forms to Dr. Lenze via email. Submit them via the COMMINTERNS website.
  • Registration for COMM 493 will take place during the first week of May. You will get an email from the department telling you how to register. You will be assigned to a section. You will not be permitted to choose your professor.