Last day to register

If you received an email telling you to register for COMM 493, today is the last day to do so! Let me know if anything is preventing you from registering! On Monday we will review unregistered interns and look at canceling the internships. Get this done ASAP!

Over 90 students found great internships this summer! Congratulations on an outstanding achievement!


To Those with Confirmed Internships

We are entering the registration information for COMM 493 now. You will probably receive an email today telling you what section of COMM 493 for which you may register. If you do not receive it today, you may expect it early tomorrow. I will let you know when all the registration information has been sent out. Please register for your internship by no later than Friday.

To Those with Unconfirmed Internships

As your internships are confirmed, we will send you registration information.

To Those with No Internship This Summer

We will purge subscriptions from this site at the end of the summer. If you did not get an internship, your subscription will continue and we will help you to find an internship next year.

Registration Tuesday, May 7 at 3 pm

Registration information will be sent out to those students with confirmed internships tomorrow, May 7, by no later than 3 pm. You will receive an email from Tammy Lucas, the Communications Media Department Secretary. You will have until Friday, May 10, 4 pm to register for your internship.

Make sure all holds on your records are cleared and you are ready to register for your internship. If you do not register by Friday, May 10 at 4 pm your internship will be canceled.

Students who are still processing paperwork, today is the last day to submit an application, site offer form, and clearance. No applications will be accepted after today!

Graduate Level Internship in Indiana

I’m emailing to ask if you might have any grad students looking for a summer internship in PR/Marketing/Comm at the Community Guidance Center. Please let me know if you have any or if you know someone I can contact about interns. Thanks!


Dr. Brad Rohlf
Public Relations Specialist

Community Guidance Center
793 Old Rt. 119 Hwy N
Indiana, PA 15701
724-465-5576 ext. 10142 (office)
724-762-2699 (cell)

Hard Deadline for The Washington Center

TWC has informed me that they have a hard deadline of May 1 for applications. This means that all application materials must be submitted by that date, including transcripts and letters of recommendation. If you have any students who may want to attend this summer, they need to meet with me today or tomorrow.

Thank you for supporting this great internship opportunity for our students!

Diane Stipcak
IUP Career and Professional Development Center
302 Pratt Hall
Indiana, PA 15705


On Campus, Paid Internship

The IUP Communications Office (not the Communications Media Department) needs an intern this summer in media relations. The work relates to the new brand rollout, writing, and file management. Additional responsibilities will be assigned. This could be a paid internship.

Contact Stephanie Keppich