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NPR Music, the music division of National Public Radio (NPR), located in Washington, DC, has paid internship opportunities that are geared toward music writing. There is a deadline coming up very soon (November 4), but there are also three application cycles per year, in the spring, summer and fall, so if you can’t apply for this one given the short notice, you can try for the next round. Follow the links for more information:

You can use for quick access to the general page with the Music internships highlighted. Here are the individual links:


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I should note that I am not the contact person for these positions, I’m passing them along as a service to anyone interested, at the request of Lauren Onkey, the Senior Director of NPR Music..

Steve Waksman

Borough Communications

Communications Internship/Federal Work-Study

Borough Communications

  • Seeking somebody long-term (such as a Federal Work Study student)
    • If not, COMM 493 Summer internship student
  • Would like to have work with comm. Coordinator to create Communication Plan
  • Design social media posts pertinent to Borough initiatives
    • Promote projects, programs and events within Indiana Borough
  • Aid in updating existing Borough website – Wix
    • Measure and report on effectiveness of communications; analytics
  • Assist Coordinator in grant-related opportunities

If you are interested, please contact:

Borough of Indiana
Kyle M. Mudry
Communications & Grants Coordinator
80 N 8th St. Suite 102
Indiana, PA 15701

Phone (724) 463 – 4178
Fax (724) 463-4177
Cell (814) 279 – 8622




Storm Water Partnership

Communications Internship/Federal Work-Study

Storm Water Partnership

  • Indiana Borough, Indiana county, White-Township, IUP, Blairsville and more
  • Needed: a social-media outreach intern
    • Handles outreach on social media
    • Develops and maintains storm water dashboard
      • Data compiled by partners (such as +/- rainfall, last big rain event/how many rain events, real-time data if applicable)
      • Monthly data – excluding weekends

Create with Wix, would like links to all partners pages, possibly build to become the go-to site for Stormwater in the area (Comment section, news, etc.) – Simple to navigate and clean

If you are interested, please contact:

Borough of Indiana
Kyle M. Mudry
Communications & Grants Coordinator
80 N 8th St. Suite 102
Indiana, PA 15701

Phone (724) 463 – 4178
Fax (724) 463-4177
Cell (814) 279 – 8622


Smithsonian Institution Internship

From the Smithsonian Institution
This is for the spring of 2019, but you could ask about a summer internship.
I am reaching out on behalf of the Office of Special Events at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History as we are currently accepting internship applications for spring 2019! I would greatly appreciate if you could share this exciting opportunity with any of your students who might be interested.
As part of the Development branch of the museum, the Office of Special Events at the National Museum of American History plans and coordinates over 100 events each year including: exhibition openings, press conferences, donation ceremonies, staff receptions, donor cultivation events, and corporate dinners and receptions. 
Attached is an internship description which includes testimonials from former interns. Additional information concerning qualifications, responsibilities, and learning objectives can be found here. Information about events at the Museum can also be found by visiting To apply, please create an account on SOLAA and choose “National Museum of American History (NMAH) Internship Program” with Special Events as your program choice. The application deadline is Thursday, November 1st.
While unpaid, we typically offer a one-time $500 stipend to help with travel and transportation expenses.
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.
Warm Regards,
Sarah Loux
Special Events Coordinator
National Museum of American History
Smithsonian Institution

What is an Internship Broker?

An internship broker is a company that helps students find internships. In the best circumstances, the placement is guaranteed. In the worst, students pay large sums of money and do not get placed. You should be very careful about using an internship broker.

The Washington Center is, in my opinion, a broker that can be trusted. Tuition is waived by PASSHE for most of The Washington Center interns. The reduced cost makes their fee worth it in my opinion. In fact, when the tuition waiver is factored in the cost is equal to most internship opportunities.

Please be careful when using an internship broker.

Top 10: The Answer is NO!

10. Can I tear up a signed internship contract if I get offered a better one?

9. Can I intern with a relative?

8. Can I turn in my paperwork late?

7. Can I count the internship I completed in high school?

6. Can I work out of my house?

5. Can I intern in a different field?

4. Can I count time on vacation toward my 360 hours?

3. Can I intern in the fall?

2. Can I intern in the spring?

1. Can my mom call you?

In What States May I Intern?

I received a great question this morning about internships in other states. The rumor was that IUP students could not intern in California. I’m pleased to tell you that IUP students may intern in all 50 states, though there are limits and conditions on interning in Florida. This situation changes all the time so don’t rely on old information. If you have a questions about internships, see me or post them to this site. I’m here to help you!