WIUP-FM Summer Internship

WIUP-FM Summer Internship

Application Due: March 21

WIUP-FM is looking for students experienced in: radio broadcasting, radio production, audio, marketing, and web design in the summer of 2018.

Applicants must have experience in editing software relevant to their specialty.

To apply:
Submit a cover letter, resume, list of three references, and portfolio to:

Mr. Matthew Albright
Department of Communications Media
130 Stouffer Hall
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

30 Days Left to Find an Unaffiliated Internship

I’m glad to report that many students have already secured an internship for this summer, but I know that a significant number of you are still looking. I’m here to help! There are 30 days left to find an unaffiliated internship for this summer. Keep sending out applications and don’t delay.

Stop by my office if you need any help!

Dr. Lenze

31 Days Left to Find an Internship

Today marks essentially one month to go to find an unaffiliated internship for this summer. I am not posting this countdown to in any way panic you, but to motivate you to actively search for an internship. You should be applying to new internships every day. If you are not, then you letting yourself down. Don’t do that! Let me help! Please stop by my office and we can look together!

Dr. Lenze

Intern with NASA!

Hello, I work for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and am an IUP alumnus.  Currently there is a large contingent of University of Maryland and Penn State students that take advantage of the internship program here but it would be nice to see IUP have a piece of the pie.  It is a great opportunity to continue working for NASA and at the very least a good resume builder.

Anyway we have extensive internship and co-op programs.

I’m not in the internship group but I thought that I would pass on the link if anyone was interested.



Paul Gibbons

34 Days to Find an Internship

You have 34 days to find an internship with an unaffiliated site. How many applications are you sending out per day? 10? How about 4? It isn’t hard. If you feel frustrated, stop by the office and I will help you search for possible internships! Believe it or not, there are lots of opportunities!

I hope to see you soon!

Kittanning Broadcasting Internship

Family Life TV would be interested in hosting interns again this summer. We are small and regional which allows us to offer students actual involvement in both broadcast (TV/Radio), print (daily newspaper) and internet/social media. This summer will bring new opportunities as we are in the process of adding on FM Radio. As in the past, there are part-time employment opportunities available for qualified, skilled graduates.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,

Marci Creel, M.Ed.
Outreach Coordinator
Family Life Media
114 S Jefferson St.
Kittanning, PA 16201