Listening Skills

Sorry guys I fell a bit off schedule yesterday and didn’t have time to post so I’m posting this one now and I’ll have a VLOG for my final post later so definitely stay tuned for that! Today I will be talking about a key skill I gained during my four years at IUP and […]

Nonverbal Communication

Happy Wednesday everybody! Today I will be talking about nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is expressing yourself with no speaking and just using body language and facial expressions to show what you’re thinking or trying to convey. The problem you face with nonverbal communication is it is not always 100% certain what you’re trying to communicate […]


Happy Fourth of July everyone! Make sure to celebrate today after you learn this skill really quick! Today I figure I should talk about the new skill I’ve attained this summer; blogging! The problem you face with blogging is maintaining a personal connection with your audience. You want to seem like a real person who […]

Research Writing

Happy Monday everybody! Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to crank out another week. Today I will be talking about one of the skills I attained through my major that I ended up doing a lot, and that is research writing. Writing for research is a bit different than creative writing and it […]

Graphic Design

Happy Friday everyone! Today I will be talking about my favorite skills I learned in Communications Media: Graphic Design! Graphic design is basically drawing and making things electronically rather than hand drawing them, and it creates vector graphics. This is such a fun pastime for me and I love to make posters and logos. The […]

Microsoft Excel

Hello all! Happy Thursday, today I will be talking about one of the great pieces of software within Microsoft Office; Excel! I never used Excel until I came to college and had to make multiple types of spreadsheets and use it to create lists and keep my numbers organized. To begin you have to figure […]


Happy hump day everyone! Today I will be talking about creating websites via I learned how to use this through my comm media major and I have to admit it’s pretty cool to create your own website. To start, we have to address our problem: what is the website for? You can make your […]


Happy Tuesday guys! Today I will be talking about one of my favorite hobbies that goes into the process of stories, storyboarding! To storyboard you have to draw out individual scenes or concepts you want to incorporate and I have always loved drawing so this is fun for me! To begin you have to deal […]

Video Game Creation

Hello! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Today I will be talking a little bit about video game creation. This topic is similar to animation, so if it gets repetitive I’m sorry, but at least you’ll know more! So the problem you have to solve with video game animation is what type of video […]