Happy hump day everyone! Today I will be talking about creating websites via wix.com. I learned how to use this through my comm media major and I have to admit it’s pretty cool to create your own website.

To start, we have to address our problem: what is the website for? You can make your website a portfolio, an online shop, you name it, but knowing what type of website it is going to be will help you when you’re setting up layouts and backgrounds and such.

There are a couple of obstacles to overcome when using wix for your website. Some are, what links are you going to create for your website, how will you showcase pictures for potential sales or to show off your work, and how often you will update your website. Managing a website can be time consuming but the more time spent, the better the website will be in the end.

Overcoming these obstacles are easy and can be fun. When making a website, you’re in complete control which lets you be as creative as you want to be. To overcome these, figure out what social medias you may want on your site, or what contact information you can create in a link for easy communication. Doing this is efficient and allows people to contact you with any inquiries. Updating your website is key to keeping things fresh so that new products or pieces can be added to it and that if anything in particular you want to share comes up, you can add that to spread the word faster.

The solution to your wix site is simple, be creative and keep it easy flowing. Websites that have a million tabs or links that get confusing are not helpful to anyone. Using a nice and easy layout with clear directions and links allows for the website to be utilized in the best way and allows for the creator to receive the information or sales they want from their website.

I used wix to make a portfolio for myself, if you could make a website, what would it be for and why? Comment below and describe some things you’d include! That’s the cup o’ Joe for today, until next time!



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