Video Game Creation

Hello! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Today I will be talking a little bit about video game creation. This topic is similar to animation, so if it gets repetitive I’m sorry, but at least you’ll know more!

So the problem you have to solve with video game animation is what type of video game you want to make. In terms of 3D animation, you need to figure out your genre so then the fictional worlds can be created first. The setting takes the longest to make so we focus on that first, then the characters.

There are a couple of obstacles to overcome when creating a video game. Some of the obstacles include making your game seem as real as possible, making different “levels”, and the creation of your characters.

Overcoming these obstacles will take some time, but will make your game better in the long run. When you’re modeling your characters, sketch them out before hand and base them off of real humans so that the body structure is somewhat easy to model (if your game includes humans rather than monsters or animals). Using a drawing to model a character makes it easier and gives you something to look off of rather than just doing it from your head. Making your world believable is similar to the characters, find landscapes and sketch them how they’d look in the real world so you have a diagram to go off of when modeling. Creating levels can be the tricky part, but obviously you can’t just have one level for the whole game. Try and come up with at least 10 different settings that would work with your game and sketch them as realistically as possible so you can try and make the game seem like a virtual reality but we still are aware it isn’t real. Who knew so much drawing went into 3D computer animation? 🙂

The solution to your problem of figuring out your game could possibly be the easiest step. You have to figure out what the audiences want in a video game and then you can base your plot and settings and characters off of the needs of gamers today. Having more than one idea for levels and characters usually is beneficial, as for anything, you shouldn’t just rely on the one idea because if it doesn’t work then the whole game may be a failure.

Creating video games is actually really cool, even though I’m not a huge gamer. It’s different from movie or television animation because you don’t continuously make new things weekly, it is all done in advance. Hope this mini tip guide helps you with your video game creations!

If you could make a video game, what would it be about and why? Also describe one type of setting you would create and how it would go with your theme below! That’s the cup o’ Joe for today, until tomorrow!



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