Microsoft Excel

Hello all! Happy Thursday, today I will be talking about one of the great pieces of software within Microsoft Office; Excel!

I never used Excel until I came to college and had to make multiple types of spreadsheets and use it to create lists and keep my numbers organized.

To begin you have to figure out your problem: what do you need organized into a spreadsheet and how will you organize it?

The obstacles to overcome with Excel is organizing whatever you need in an effective way that makes sense, and making sure everything goes together and your sheets don’t get mixed up.

To overcome these obstacles, write down your list of information on another piece of paper besides the spreadsheet so you have a back up copy in case something messed up along the way. You don’t want to put all this time in organizing to mess up the entire document so be prepared with a spare copy and always remember to save as you go!

Planning is always the solution to all problems, but this solution is to keep your lists separate from one another so when you add things into your spreadsheet, you add the right information and don’t lose track of what has been added and what hasn’t. Excel pretty much does the job for you with organizing data and adding numbers, but it’s good to have other copies so you’re always prepared!

Say you’re organizing a list of boys and girls from different leagues in the same region for a lacrosse tournament and you’re making a spreadsheet of all the players; how would you organize it and why would you do it that’s particular way? Comment below!

That’s the cup o’ Joe for today, until tomorrow!



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