Only one more day til Friday guys! Today I will be talking about advertising within Communications Media. I have attained many skills in this field but this one is unique in my opinion because advertising is so common in our society and we don’t even realize it, so it’s cool to see how much we use it.

When advertising, the problem you face is dealing with the audience and how you can make whatever product you’re selling seem worth it and believable.

The obstacles to overcome with this problem are appealing to your target audience, showcasing your ad or product enough so that people want to buy it, and to make your ad seem better than competitors of the same thing.

Overcoming these obstacles can be tough, but if you do it strategically your advertisement will be successful. Do research on what you’re advertising so that you know your facts and can spread awareness to the public quickly and effectively. Mass production for your advertisement is also key so that you can get your product spread around a lot quicker.

Knowing the product and who is most likely to give in to your advertisement is the solution to advertising. If you have something that nobody wants, you’re just wasting your time and resources. Advertising can be fun because there are many unique ways and eye catching ads out there, and you want something different so your ad stands out to people!

If you had to advertise a babysitting service, how would you do it? Comment below! That’s the cup o’ Joe for today!



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