Nonverbal Communication

Happy Wednesday everybody! Today I will be talking about nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal communication is expressing yourself with no speaking and just using body language and facial expressions to show what you’re thinking or trying to convey.

The problem you face with nonverbal communication is it is not always 100% certain what you’re trying to communicate with others. Although nonverbal communication can be helpful with speeches and when you’re listening to something, it can also be confusing if you aren’t paying attention.

Some of the obstacles you face with nonverbal communication include being misunderstood, leading people to believe things that aren’t true, and offending people with your body language or facial expressions.

Some ways to overcome these obstacles are to be conscious of how you’re acting when you’re not speaking. If you’re listening to a presentation and you’re slouched over with your hand holding your head up, you’ll look lazy and allow the presenter to think they’re boring you or that you’re not paying atttention. These types of things can be offensive and you want to stray from that type of nonverbal communication. If you on the other hand are giving a presentation, you would want to do things like maintain eye contact and keep your body positioned towards the audience so it doesn’t seem like you’re ignoring them or shutting them out of the speech. Keep in mind all the things you do when you’re listening or presenting to people.

The solution to nonverbal communication is to always be aware of your body language. You are constantly sending off signals and hidden meanings to people even when you’re unaware of it, so trying to catch yourself in the act is key.

What is one type of nonverbal communication you are consciously aware of doing? Whether it be rolling your eyes, the way you stand or sit, or anything. Comment below! That’s the cup o’ Joe for today, until tomorrow!




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