Graphic Design

Happy Friday everyone! Today I will be talking about my favorite skills I learned in Communications Media: Graphic Design!

Graphic design is basically drawing and making things electronically rather than hand drawing them, and it creates vector graphics. This is such a fun pastime for me and I love to make posters and logos.

The problem you face with graphic design is what type of graphics are you making and with what style. Not all vector graphics are the same, and a lot of them can be very different from one another which makes it so unique.

Some obstacles to overcome with graphic design are, how you can make your graphics stand out from others, what types of logos will be successful and what won’t be, and how to advertise to a specific audience properly.

Some ways to overcome these obstacles include making multiple sketches for logo ideas or poster set ups so you can be creative and see which one would turn out better or work for your graphic, understanding what makes a good, memorable logo, and doing research on your audience so you can see common trends among advertising with them. Putting in the extra work to understand the history of your audience and the company you’re making a potential logo for will be so helpful in the long run and will make your work more legitimate.

The solution to graphic design is simple: there is no wrong way to design something when you’re using your creativity. Always try new things and test the waters with graphic design because something that seems so basic and boring may seem extraordinary to someone else and could potentially start a future for you if you created a logo.

Always have fun with graphic design and try new things and use your tools wisely! If you were given the assignment to create a new logo for Twitter, what would you do differently to make it stand out and make it memorable? Comment some ideas below! That’s the cup o’ Joe for today, enjoy your weekend and get creative!



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