Happy Tuesday guys! Today I will be talking about one of my favorite hobbies that goes into the process of stories, storyboarding! To storyboard you have to draw out individual scenes or concepts you want to incorporate and I have always loved drawing so this is fun for me!

To begin you have to deal with your problem, what scenes need to be sketched before production so you have ideas of what the final product will look like. It doesn’t really matter if you can draw or not, just simple sketches can help immensely to create pictures in your head. Not every scene has to be drawn, but the more sketched in advance the easier your storyboard will be to understand.

There are a couple of obstacles you need to overcome with storyboarding, some of them include how you will portray specific scenes that may be important, what dialogue will be placed within those scenes to create context for the audience, and making sure your story goes in chronological order and you don’t miss any details.

Overcoming these obstacles is not very hard, but it has to been done so your story is better understood and that you can plan ahead and potentially change any content you want in the final production. To overcome these obstacles, you can create multiple concepts for your story in advance and draw which one would work best, and you should do character backgrounds to overcome these obstacles so you know what they will be saying and the context behind it. Planning ahead with multiple ideas makes storyboarding easier because if you make multiple boards of different concepts, you can decide what will be best for your particular audience before you start filming or animating your show or movie.

To solve the problem of storyboarding, you have to have the story. The beginning, the end, the conflict, the characters, everything. Everything in regards to the script must be done before you can storyboard. Planning ahead solves all problems like I said, and sketching the story out is beneficial so that you can modify it as needed. Storyboarding should be a fun part in the story process and you can get creative with it!

Pick your favorite story or movie and change a scene. What would you change and what would you add to a storyboard so you knew exactly what you want to see on camera for the final product? Comment below! That’s the cup o’ Joe for today!



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