Video Editing

Happy Thursday guys! The weekend is so close I can almost taste it! Tonight I want to talk about some of my experiences with video editing!

First things first, you have to shoot the video to be able to edit it, so start there! Now it all depends on what you shoot to see how you’re gonna edit. The main problem you have to keep in mind when you’re editing videos is the theme of the video. Theming is the key element when you are doing anything in Communications Media. Obviously you would edit a video that has a horror genre differently than you would a comedy.

Some of the obstacles you have to deal with during the editing process could be making clean transitions, quick cuts between footage, dealing with lighting and sound, and so much more. Video editing can take up to double the amount of time you spent shooting the footage so it is important to strategize what techniques you will use and what software will be the best for your production.

When I am editing videos, I am most comfortable with iMovie. The set up for the software is very easy to maneuver and it allows for smooth edits. You can make trailers to movies or shows and also create your own full length videos. To overcome your obstacles, you can make a list of ways to solve your problems based on the tools in the software. For example, the cut tool allows you to cut unwanted footage and transition directly into a new scene where you want it to begin. You are in charge when editing which is helpful because you can always undo things once they’re edited.

When editing videos, there are many solutions to all of the possible things you need to edit. For example if you needed to make a fake time lapse sequence, you can put together all of your footage and combine it, rather than cut the multiple scenes, and fast forward the video sequences with the speed playback to make it seem as if the scene was all one recording. Technology is so advanced today that you can manipulate photos and videos in so many ways that it looks realistic, but is completely edited. Editing is pretty amazing.

If you had to make a trailer for your life, how would you shoot the videos and how would you edit it? What genre would you pick? What effects would you use to make it fit that genre? Leave any comments below with your answers! That’s the cup o’ Joe for today, stay tuned for tomorrow’s skill!



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