Today, Jenna had I started a new research list for other potential sponsors and donors for our upcoming Golf Classic event. Today’s list consisted mostly of law firms and motor industries/service companies. Examples of law firms I added to our new list of prospects are Carmela firm, Jacqueline Blackwell McCracken, Samuel H .Clark, etc. Some of the service companies included Monro Muffler Brake, Tom’s Cycle, Delaney Automotive Collision Center, etc. These businesses were not in our Donor Pro database, so we have made it our priority to contact or visit them next week.

This afternoon, I also met my faculty supervisor, Dr. Wilson. We went over the new things I’ve learned while in the interview, the feedback I’ve received from my internship supervisor, when the final case study paper is due, and the plans I have for the future after the internship.

Today, I also met with Cassandra and interviewed her for my final paper. I learned that, for a long time, she wanted to work in the non-profit sector, even before joining Lifesteps. She used to work for AmeriCorps before moving to the Pittsburgh area. Currently, she has worked for almost eight years for Lifesteps and is the Vice President of Community Relations/Development.

Hours worked on site today:
9 AM – 2:30 PM
Spent 20 minutes on this blog
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8 Hours 10 minutes
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