Today, we solicited five local businesses here in Indiana. These businesses were Vig Accounting, Caffé Amadeus, Planful, Red Oak Branded Solutions, and The Finery.  Red Oak was more interested in our event than any other place we visited. Beth Vukman, one of the marketing managers of the company, was willing to work with us in creating gifts for the guests who come to our events.

Lifesteps used to have a connection with Red Oak over five years ago. Beth mentioned that she remembered working with the previous community relations representative of Indiana. In our files, Red Oak was not a company that had worked with Lifesteps. We did not find Red Oak documented on our Salsa CRM database.

I learned today that it was essential for me to research local businesses. If I had not included Red Oak on the new prospect list, we would not have reconnected them today.

Tomorrow, we will continue to solicit local businesses.

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