This morning, Jenna and I solicited a new company, Culligan water. The secretary mentioned that one of the dealers, Brad Schry, had donated bottles of water for one of the Lifesteps events. We mentioned to the secretary that the country club does not allow outside vendors to bring in food or water. However, we told her about all of the different options fir the company to participate.

We also followed up with David Rice from Auto Sports. He and his partner Alex said to us that they would call us next week after they make a decision. Afterward, we stopped by the Flower Gallery to drop off the event confirmation sheet to Denise Chersos. Denise chose a swap service. She will be providing flowers for the golf event, and Lifesteps would, in turn, advertise her shop. Denis will be sending us the artwork she would like to be printed on our event book.

In the afternoon, Cassandra called, and we had a phone meeting about the details of the golf event. We went over who the speakers were, when the president of Lifesteps would be arriving, who would be in charge of registration, giving out gifts at the end of the event, etc. Cassandra also talked to me about my closeout, like turning in my badge and computer on my last day next week on Tuesday.

Hours worked on site today:
9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Spent 30 minutes on this blog
Hours on blogs as of today:
13 Hours 15 minutes
Worked 3 hour on Final paper
Hours worked as of today:
225 Hours 25 minutes