Today, Jenna and I did market research on the items we would like to use to decorate the country club hall for the Golf Classic event. Market research is essential, especially for a non-profit organization, because the budget is usually low.

Knowing how much a decor cost in different stores is a way to strategize and only go with the better-priced items. Some items we found were cheaper online than in the stores. Knowing this fact helps save time to go to the store and look for the decorations we need.

Cassandra also insisted she wanted the table centerpieces to be different from last year (above picture). I learned today that strategic communication is also portrayed in how an event is decorated. We can send a message to our attendees by how we choose to decorate a venue.

Tomorrow, we will visit local businesses and solicit them for our upcoming golf event.

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9 AM – 2:30 PM
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