Today, Jenna and I visited three businesses to solicit. Two of them were law offices; Holsinger, Clark, and Armstrong. The other company was Luxenberg jewelers at downtown Indiana. Like Red Oak yesterday, Luxenberg was not in our database. However, when we talked to the co-owner Jeff Widdowson, he said that Luxenberg participated in a Christmas event Lifesteps held in Butler last year.

We explained the packages of our upcoming golf event to Jeff. He said that his business has not been doing well. We told him about the half-a-page and the full-page advertising available. We showed him last year’s program book, so he could see how his ads would look. We also clarified that he does not have to attend the event and play golf. Lunch is offered to all guests, and he could join us then to network with other business owners.

Jeff became interested in the options he had. Before leaving his store, he had committed to a half-page advertisement, lunch, and a tee-sign. I learned today that in business, giving people choices to choose from even after an initial disinterest can turn them into a customer.

Tomorrow, we will continue to solicit local businesses.

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