Today, Jenna and I were asked by Cassandra to do an inventory of all the office supplies and event props. We have to do the small things like making sure we have enough golf balls, t-shirts, and hats for the golf event. Strategic communication cannot happen on a bigger scale if the smaller details are not taken care of.

I learned that it is essential always to be prepared in advance for a bigger event so that no one rushes at the last minute. This experience has equipped me with the knowledge of how to plan for an event. Moving forward, I will look for opportunities that will continue to allow me to prepare for events strategically.

Tomorrow, I will be meeting my faculty supervisor, Dr. Wilson and also interviewing Cassandra. I have to prepare a draft paper for Dr. Wilson to review tomorrow and also prep the questions I will be asking Cassandra during the interview.

Hours worked on site today:
9 AM – 2:30 PM
Spent 20 minutes on this blog
Hours on blogs as of today:
7 hrs 50 minutes
Hours worked on draft paper:
3 hrs 15 minutes
Hours worked as of today:
142 Hours 05 minutes