Today, I created a list of new potential sponsors in Indiana. Cassandra wanted new local businesses that have not participated in any of Lifesteps events to be informed about our organization.

A few of the local organizations I researched are AutoSpor Co., Indiana Motorcars LLC, Tom’s Cycle, Red Oak Branded Solutions, and many more. I’ve been learning the importance of thoroughly researching a potential sponsor/donor during my internship. Knowing our target groups helps us know how to advertise to them. Also, the more information we know about a business, the better we are prepared when we have an initial soliciting meeting.

Today, also we had a call committee meeting with Cassandra and five other people for the Chip-In for Lifesteps Indiana Golf Classic. We talked about the schedule for the event and also how much revenue we have raised so far from everyone who has confirmed they will attend the event. We currently have $13,350. This amount should increase as more people confirm their attendance and pay for for the event.

Hours worked on site today:
9 AM – 2:30 PM
Spent 20 minutes on this blog
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7hrs 30 minutes
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3 hrs
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