Today, I met with two program specialists for Lifesteps, Erika, and Whitney. The two ladies had information for me on who I can interview at our community home for my first story. The individual they suggested to me lives in Homer City. The individual has been with Lifesteps for a little over a year. My next step would be to contact the director of the house where the individual lives and set up a date when I can interview the individual.

I learned today that it takes a while for most things in the real world to be processed. It’s been over three weeks since Cassandra and I had a meeting about me writing a story. Today is the first lead I’ve had since then. I now know it’s important to have connections that can help move things along. Cassandra did not know the director of one of our community homes, but with Erika and Whitney as her connections, they were able to point me in the right direction.

Today, Jenna and I solicited three local businesses in Indiana. We first went to see Chad, owner of the Rising Bros. We informed him about Lifesteps and told him about our upcoming golf event. He said he likes to play golf and would let his friends know so they can all play together. We also stopped by McGill’s Car World and the Philly Street Station. The manager of those two businesses was not around. The receptionists agreed to take our event package and give it to the manager. We will follow-up with these two companies next week.

To prepare for next week, I will draft interview questions to ask once a date has been set up.

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