The eleventh electronic device that I can remember that brought me a lot of love, fun, pain, and trouble was the Xbox 360. When I was working at this summer camp called Camp Green Lane with my dad. I thought it would be a good idea for me to buy an Xbox 360 because it was making a nice amount of money to afford one and because I never had an Xbox before, so why not?

Some of the love and fun that came from me having an Xbox 360 was when me and my other co-workers would stay up all night inside our cabin playing the Xbox 360. Some of the games we played were Halo 3, DC VS. Mortal Kombat, and Left 4 Dead. that game system meant a lot to me because it was the first one, I ever bought with my own money.

Some of the pain and trouble that came from me having an Xbox 360 was when I told my dad that bought an Xbox 360 and he just caught an attitude with me and wouldn’t tell me why he was mad. I later found out that he was mad at me because he had ordered me a PS3 as a surprise. I was mad at him for being mad at me, I was just confused at the whole situation because that shouldn’t have been something to be mad about. Shoot I was happy because I just got two new game systems, one that I paid for and one that was a gift. But the joke was on me because my dad ended up keeping the Ps3 in his cabin.

Some of that pain and trouble could have been avoided if my dad would have not got mad at me for me being independent and buying something that I wanted with my own money. It also could have been avoided if he would have told me he was buying me a Ps3, because if he did, I definitely wouldn’t have had a problem with saving my money and buying some else I wanted.

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