The seventeenth electronic device that I can remember that brought me a lot of love, fun, pain, and trouble was the PlayStation 4. When I got the PlayStation 4, I had got used from a store called Cex. and the way I got that PlayStation 4 was by trading in all of my old games didn’t play anymore like my PlayStation 2, one of my PlayStation 3’s, and my Xbox 360 with the Kinect and all the games and controllers I had for them.

Some of the love and fun that came from me having a PlayStation 4 was when I was able to play online games again with my friends who I used to play with on the PlayStation 3. I loved that ps4 because it could play all the new games that came out for that system. I could watch movies in 1080p which was around the time when that wasn’t so common as it is today.

Some of the pain and trouble that came from me having a PlayStation 4 was when traded in all my other games to get the PS4 it only had one game to play on it because that’s all the trade value could get me. And the fact that I got a used system didn’t worry me, but it should have because after a few months of owning it, it started having systems problems. And there was nothing I could do about it because it didn’t come with a warranty

Some of that pain and trouble could have been avoided if would have just waited to save up some money and buy me a brand-new PlayStation 4 that was never used. Sometimes my impatience gets me into messed up situations, so maybe if I wasn’t so quick to trade in all my games for a used PS4 I could have actually thought about what I was doing. also, if it would have avoided peer pressure because all my friends that already had PS4’s were telling me to do it.

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