The seventh electronic device that I can remember that brought me a lot of love, fun, pain, and trouble was the TV with the VCR player and DVD player. Around that time, I thought that was best invention it was basically a 3-in-1 movie watching machine. That thing took a lot of power I didn’t really appreciate it until now thinking back at how annoying it was to unplug devices for a certain use because TV’s only had one input and output section.

Some of the love and fun that came from me having a TV with the VCR player and DVD player was when I wanted to watch any movie or show no matter if it was on DVD or VCR I could watch it without having to unplug one device to plug in another device depending on what movie you wanted to watch.

Some of the pain and trouble that came from me having a TV with the VCR player and DVD player in it was when a movie would get stuck in the either the VCR or DVD part it was pretty hard to get it out. In some cases, we had to get a whole new TV set. And one last thing if you lose the remote you basically lost control of the whole tv which really sucks.

Some of that pain and trouble could have been avoided if we just went back to everything being their own separate device so that way if one thing messed up on it we didn’t have to replace the whole thing. Another way that could have been avoided was by slowly putting the Disc or VHS tape in the right spot so that way it doesn’t jam.

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