The fourteenth electronic device that I can remember that brought me a lot of love, fun, pain, and trouble was the Nintendo GameCube. Now it never really owned the Nintendo GameCube but my best friend and next-door neighbor at the time did, so whenever I was able to go to his house, I played the GameCube as much as possible.

Some of the love and fun that came from me having a Nintendo was when I got to spend time with my friends playing games because that was one of the ways we really bonded. I loved the game cube because it was so different from other game systems at the time. And the GameCube had better multiplayer games like The Incredibles game, The Madagascar game, and Super Smash Bros. game.

Some of the pain and trouble that came from me having a Nintendo GameCube to play with was when my friend was allowed to have company because of some reason I can’t remember. I just remember he called me over and snuck me into his house to play the game, but we ended up getting caught. I got sent home and when I got home, I had a whopping waiting for me at the door. Because it went over there knowing that I wasn’t allowed to be in there house at the moment.

Some of that pain and trouble could have been avoided if my friend would have never snuck me into his house. And it also would have been avoided if I didn’t agree to come over just to play some video games. But we were all young and dumb just trying to have some fun.

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