June 20th 2018 archive


On June 15th Snapchat announced the launch of their new product called “SNAPKIT”. This new launch will allow people to connect to Snapchat and use the Snapchat tools outside of the actual Snapchat app itself. In other words people will be able to use Snapchat functions from other social media platforms. Snapchat has been working on making sure that Snapkit is very safe for Snapchat users. While people are using Snapkit other users will only be able to see the users bitmoji and username.

Snapkit is going to be beneficial for big brands because it will be an easy way to share their information to Snapchat, saving companies a lot of time. Unfortunately, as I stated earlier, Snapchat is working extra hard to make sure that the privacy for this new launch is up to date. They want to make sure that they don’t experience what Facebook had to experience when their data had been misused by third party developers. People don’t like for their information to be exposed for so many people to see. Being on the internet and having social media to some people can already be seen as being exposed in some type of way. Therefore, if there is a way for Snapkit to make their privacy settings much more strict to ensure their users privacy, they made it clear that was exactly what they intend to do.

I think that they should not allow for other, third party developers to have access to users information. They should only be allowed to see part of a users username and the bitmoji, that’s it.  What do you guys think? COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!

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