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Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms today, which is probably why their online privacy is always being attacked. Earlier this week Facebook reported that it identified a bug that switched the default post setting of fourteen million users to “public”. This hasn’t been the first time a similar incident occurs involving Facebook. The social media platform seems to be hackers #1 target. I guess the question now is how did this affect those fourteen million people and how is it going to Impact users in the future and how they connect and share on Facebook. I know me being a Facebook user I don’t like the idea of my settings being messed with nor my posts being shown to people that I don’t even know. Having your posts available for the public to see can be dangerous and a lot of peoples personal information can be exposed. I know that’s definitely one of my top concerns when things like this Facebook bug happen. I don’t like the idea of strangers seeing my location or my post.

people can show a significant amount of concern for the privacy bug, but the truth is that no matter what, the damage has already been done. Even if Facebook went in and fixed the privacy bug, the information of fourteen million people has already been exposed. The users loyalty to using the social media platform might change and users may begin to think that its unsafe to share information through that specific media platform. Both of those things are very damaging to any brand and its hard to gain users trust back after multiple incidents, which is the case with Facebook.

My solution to this problem would be to start a Ad campaign through the website reassuring users that Facebook is trying their hardest to work on recent privacy issues and that the number one concern is to secure their users information. I think that if Facebook communicates this to their users, that would be something that the users would look at in a good way and would make users feel more at ease since their problem is being acknowledged and the company is doing something about it. Most importantly Facebook should not forget to apologize to their users for the incident. I think that an apology goes a long way and as I stated before the fact that the company is apologizing and ensuring users that the problem is being taken care of, users will appreciate that a lot.

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