Ready, SET, Go!

Have you ever thought of what is the best ways of setting your makeup so that it stays put all day? well there are many ways of achieving this. You can extend the wear of your makeup by applying a primer on your face as a base. This will prep your skin for makeup application and it gives foundation something to stick to rather than just sticking to your bare face. You can also use a facial mist or facial setting spray. More and more makeup brands are starting to come out with their own line of setting sprays. Benefit cosmetics has a very popular one called “All Nighter” setting spray. This setting spray will really set your makeup in place so you don’t have to touch up during the day.

When you apply makeup and you skip using a primer, it becomes essential that you use a setting spray if you don’t want to look like your face is melting away. Specially during the summer when it can be very humid and uncomfortably hot. when you wear makeup without using a setting spray it causes your skin to produce excess oil, that in combination with foundation that is not set can be a bad mixture for your face. It can cause you to look sweaty and can even leave nasty makeup stains on your clothes. It can also cause your skin to become irritated to the point where you develop acne breakout and heat bumps.

I would recommend using a setting spray from the Mario Badesku collection. These setting sprays don’t only set your makeup, but over time it can improve the quality of your skin. Using this setting spray will ensure that your makeup stays on your face all day and prevent it from producing excess oil that causes you to break out. This will also help keep the makeup on your face but off your clothes and trust me getting makeup stains out of your clothes is the worse. You can find a variety of setting sprays at Sephora and Ulta including the one I mentioned earlier. Macy’s also carries Mario Badesku products :). Which setting sprays work best for you guys? COMMENT, LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE down below!


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