“IGTV” New Instagram App

The social media platform Instagram has decided to launch a new app, separate from Instagram called “IGTV”. This new app is intended to give users more time when recording videos and it will pretty much be like a video app targeted towards amateurs so that they upload their content. The only thing is that Instagram made an announcement stating that their target audience for this new app launch was a younger audience. Instagram¬† also stated that they really want to target younger people that grew up on TV, not so much the ones that didn’t. They believe that the younger generation is caught up on the new and the now and not so much in being professional, therefore when it comes to video making and amateur approach for IGTV is where they are headed. What Instagram is saying is true, but they are forgetting about everybody else that likes to make videos.

Considering that social media platforms are very relevant for people as a source of information and communicating with people of all ages, I don’t think that it would be a very smart move to just target a video making app to just younger people. I would assume that younger people can be more tech savvy and might have a larger interest in apps like IGTV, but making videos is for everyone and the app should be targeted to all audiences. Also, Instagram also stated that IGTV will allow for users to record up to ten minute Vlogs, then people can upload those ten minute videos onto their channel where other users can see the videos on the channel. Kind of like YouTube.

I think that if Instagram really wants this new app to be successful, then they need to broaden the demographic that they are trying to sell this app to. specially IGTV being similar to YouTube, it should not only be for younger people, it should be for all audiences like YouTube is. A good idea would be to maybe start off the app with just younger people being the audience then once the app starts trending then it should be advertised to older people.

If you were doing this launch, who would your target audience be?

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