One Wipe Away

applying makeup is important, but removing it is just as important. A lot of people that wear makeup struggle with this even though it is a very simple task. Some are too tired to take it off after work or school, others simply might not have the time to take it off when they should. Usually you would just cleanse your face and follow with your regular skin care routine, but if you’re one of those people that gets caught up doing other things and just forgets to remove your make up, don’t worry there are other alternatives.

You always want to make sure you remove makeup before bed after along day at work or at school. Not removing it can get very messy, it can get all over your pillow cases causing your pores to become clogged which then results in break outs. Bacteria grows from the makeup on your face then transfers over to the pillow cases. Then other nights when your face is clean and you lay on your pillow cases they will be filled with bacteria. Makeup will also stain your pillow cases specially stubborn foundation, eyeliner, and mascara that are very difficult to remove. Forgetting to remove your makeup can harm the overall health of your skin, causing it to become dry and dull.

There’s an easy solution to that problem, you have the option of cleansing as I mentioned earlier, but if that is not convenient you can use makeup removing wipes. The ones I usually go for are from the brand Neutrogena. They come in a very convenient and resalable packaging. This makes it easy to store anywhere in your home or to take with you on the go. Makeup removing wipes are a great solution to ensuring you remove your makeup because its fast and easy. With just one wipe you can get most of your makeup off including foundation, mascara and many other products.  The next time you’re thinking about calling it a night without taking your makeup off just think of all the bacteria growing on your face and just grab a makeup removing wipe.

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