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Beauty Blender

The famous beauty blender brand has finally came out with a new accessory for your beloved Beauty Blender. The brand has came out with new beauty blender cases. for those of you who do not know what a Beauty Blender is, it is basically a foam sponge used to apply makeup. The sponged is normally used damp because of its incredible ability to hold water. It evenly distributes the perfect amount of product on to your face without leaving any lines. They are shaped like a teardrop making it difficult to place in a spot without it rolling off onto the floor or rolling all over the place. That’s why people that use it are so exited to know that after years, the brand has finally made a case for it.

Meanwhile, other love this new accessory others are raising some concern about how hygienic it really is. People are saying that because the makeup sponge is used damp, storing it in the Beauty Blender case would be a bad idea because it can grow bacteria while in the case. Others argue that you can first let your beauty blender dry off then put in the case, but lets be honest, no body has time to wait around until the Beauty Blender is completely dry just to put it away. The case does have openings but the case is only big enough to fit the blender when its in its small state and not damp.

Hopefully, in the near future the brand will upgrade their cases to fit the Beauty Blender when it is damp. I think that would be a lot more convenient specially for people who do not have time to wait around for it to dry. I usually just place my beauty blender on top of a plastic makeup holder and let it dry there until the next time I use it. There it can freely dry and will not grow bacteria or become nasty and stained. What are your thoughts, will you be getting a Beauty Blender case? COMMENT, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE !




One Wipe Away

applying makeup is important, but removing it is just as important. A lot of people that wear makeup struggle with this even though it is a very simple task. Some are too tired to take it off after work or school, others simply might not have the time to take it off when they should. Usually you would just cleanse your face and follow with your regular skin care routine, but if you’re one of those people that gets caught up doing other things and just forgets to remove your make up, don’t worry there are other alternatives.

You always want to make sure you remove makeup before bed after along day at work or at school. Not removing it can get very messy, it can get all over your pillow cases causing your pores to become clogged which then results in break outs. Bacteria grows from the makeup on your face then transfers over to the pillow cases. Then other nights when your face is clean and you lay on your pillow cases they will be filled with bacteria. Makeup will also stain your pillow cases specially stubborn foundation, eyeliner, and mascara that are very difficult to remove. Forgetting to remove your makeup can harm the overall health of your skin, causing it to become dry and dull.

There’s an easy solution to that problem, you have the option of cleansing as I mentioned earlier, but if that is not convenient you can use makeup removing wipes. The ones I usually go for are from the brand Neutrogena. They come in a very convenient and resalable packaging. This makes it easy to store anywhere in your home or to take with you on the go. Makeup removing wipes are a great solution to ensuring you remove your makeup because its fast and easy. With just one wipe you can get most of your makeup off including foundation, mascara and many other products.  The next time you’re thinking about calling it a night without taking your makeup off just think of all the bacteria growing on your face and just grab a makeup removing wipe.

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Ready, SET, Go!

Have you ever thought of what is the best ways of setting your makeup so that it stays put all day? well there are many ways of achieving this. You can extend the wear of your makeup by applying a primer on your face as a base. This will prep your skin for makeup application and it gives foundation something to stick to rather than just sticking to your bare face. You can also use a facial mist or facial setting spray. More and more makeup brands are starting to come out with their own line of setting sprays. Benefit cosmetics has a very popular one called “All Nighter” setting spray. This setting spray will really set your makeup in place so you don’t have to touch up during the day.

When you apply makeup and you skip using a primer, it becomes essential that you use a setting spray if you don’t want to look like your face is melting away. Specially during the summer when it can be very humid and uncomfortably hot. when you wear makeup without using a setting spray it causes your skin to produce excess oil, that in combination with foundation that is not set can be a bad mixture for your face. It can cause you to look sweaty and can even leave nasty makeup stains on your clothes. It can also cause your skin to become irritated to the point where you develop acne breakout and heat bumps.

I would recommend using a setting spray from the Mario Badesku collection. These setting sprays don’t only set your makeup, but over time it can improve the quality of your skin. Using this setting spray will ensure that your makeup stays on your face all day and prevent it from producing excess oil that causes you to break out. This will also help keep the makeup on your face but off your clothes and trust me getting makeup stains out of your clothes is the worse. You can find a variety of setting sprays at Sephora and Ulta including the one I mentioned earlier. Macy’s also carries Mario Badesku products :). Which setting sprays work best for you guys? COMMENT, LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE down below!




Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Highlighter is one of my all time favorite makeup products, since it became a must have in every girls makeup bag. The purpose of wearing highlighter is to draw light to a specific area of the face. Highlighting is a big part of contouring, when you highlight you also have to contour in order to create shadows that will make the area of the face you just highlighted look natural and more noticeable. During the last few years, highlighters have become a best seller. Before the highlighters sold where very limited and one dimensional. Now they come in a variety of formulas, bases, and undertones, some are made with shimmer or glitter. This is great because now with the new shades and tones that companies are selling, there’s a shade for every skin color out there. Highlighter can make your cheekbones look deeper, it can give your lips the illusion of having lip injections when applied on your cupids bow. It can also be used in your brow bone to frame your face and in the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes appear bigger/awake. some people use it to mix it into their foundation to get an all over glow to their skin, which makes them look youthful.

It can be easy to eventually get highlighter happy and use too much. Then you’ll be going from looking flattering to looking like a oily, shiny piece of metal. wearing too much highlighter can cause you to look way to shiny, which is something that you definitely do not want. In addition, it can also bring light to areas of your face that you do not want to bring too much attention to, like large pores, dull/dry skin, hyperpigmentation, and many other skins problems. Lastly wearing too much highlighter can also cause your skin to break out by clogging your pores with dirt and impurities that come from the highlighter formula itself. Knowing this, people still choose to go over board with highlighting, but I can give you some tips on how to keep everything under control.

First, if you are one of those people that can get highlighter crazy, make sure to cleanse and exfoliate your face twice a day. This will help your skin stay clean and balanced while preventing your pores from being clogged. You can also try purchasing a makeup brush that is solely for highlighting. I recently just bought one and it helps control the amount of product you pick up, helping you control the amount that goes on your face. you can get high end brushes at beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta, but if you’re on a budget you can get brushes from your local drug store that work just as good. One brand in particular that I would recommend and that is also very affordable is “real techniques”. Their brushes are amazing and so affordable, it really is a great buy! COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE down below, let me know which brushes you guys use.

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