Social Media Sites Have Unreal Expectations

The Perfect Selfie 


As we all may have heard through many social media sites or through mass media, Social Media has become a very important communication outlet. People all around the world are jumping on the social media bandwagon. Some of the most popular sites are made up of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Slowly, but shortly we have all become very dependent on these sites to the point  where these sites no longer are just a form of entertainment and communicating with other people. Social media sites are now affecting social media users self esteem and users overall sense of self value. The dependency  that we as a society are developing over these sites is growing and not for the better. On sites like Instagram there are a lot of what you call “Instagram models” who post flawless, beautiful pictures. Those pictures are then liked by so many people that they start to trend on the popular page and people all around the world idealize these perfect photos that they will never come close to imitating what so ever.

That’s the problem, regular everyday individuals are not perfect and do not look like those photos on Instagram which makes people have unrealistic expectations on what their physical appearance should be. This problem is even much more worse amongst women. Women in the media are already portrayed very negatively  and these post of sexualized beautiful perfect women do  not help. Not to mention that the photos are Extremely sexualized and that makes women using these social sites want to imitate the  over sexuality that they see in the images on Instagram. When women realize that they would never be able to be as perfect as the women in the pictures that’s when low self esteem starts to become a problem.

There are many ways in which we can make this better not only for women, but for every one using social media sites. The only problem is that its very hard to convince people that they don’t have to imitate images from Instagram or Facebook. People are going to follow the crowd and if looking like an Instagram model is what’s trending now a days then that’s what people are going to do. Another problem with trying to solve this issue is that people hate to feel left out and would do almost anything just to fit in with a group of people. I think that’s one of the biggest obstacles to solving this problem, peoples fear of being excluded and peoples need of belonging to a social group. Despite that, as a society we can still work on things to resolve the problem little by little. We can start by posting pictures of our true selves and encouraging others to do the same. Posting true pictures of ourselves will allow others to feel much more comfortable in their own skin don’t you think ?

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