A Golf Classic event committee member (John Creps) came to our Indiana office to talk about his contacts. He used to work at one of the banks here in Indiana. While there, he solicited a few of his coworkers to participate in the golf event for the past few years.

Since John no longer works at the bank, he stopped over at our office so he could transfer his former contacts to us. He had over ten people that he would like us to contact soon to inquire if they would be interested in participating again this year. Jenna and I are planning to write letters to the contacts introducing ourselves and also reminding them of the upcoming event. 

Today, I learned that teamwork is an essential factor in planning a successful event. As a committee member, John had to update us about his contacts so we can follow up and get more information about the event from them. Because of this, at least ten more people are likely to show up again at the golf event this year. 

For tomorrow, Jenna and I might be going to meet the COO of IRMC Group and solicit him for our golf event.

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9 AM – 2:30 PM

Spent 15 minutes on his blog

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