Today, I met with Cassandra to discuss the project I will be working on for the rest of my internship. She wants me to write at least two stories on our individuals from our community homes  and adult training programs here in Indiana. 

I have to write in such a way that the stories connect to the Lifesteps branding and mission. I have to find out what the organization did to impact and empower the individuals. Afterwards, I have to use each story and create content on social media (Facebook and twitter). I will also be taking pictures of the individuals and creating flyers, postcards, etc.

A lot of research and coordinating with different personal will take place throughout this project. To make sure it is accomplished, I will create day-to-day plan that will lead to the completion of this project.

Today, Cassandra Jenna and I also met with a United Way (A non-profit organization that mainly focuses on fundraising to help other non-profit organizations reach their goal) representative and gave him a tour of our Mobile Resource Center. I learned today that United Way gives Lifesteps a grant of $4,000 each fiscal year to obtain new resources.

The representative had an idea of creating an advertisement video in the Mobile Center. The goal for the video is for United way to show its sponsors that the money they donate is being used for a good cause.

For tomorrow, I will map out the rest of my internship tasks in accordance to the new project I’ve been assigned to complete.


Hours Today:

9AM – 3:15PM

Spent 20 minutes on this blog

Total internship hours as of today:

61 hours 30 minutes