Today, Jenna and I met the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the IRMC Physician Group, Brett Braun. We explained about our organization and gave him the package of information we provided for the other three doctors last week. Brett committed to sponsoring at least four of his physicians, and possibly more, for our upcoming golf event. Brett told us a story about his mother working for an autism organization in the past. His connection to entities that help individuals and families with supportive services means that organizations such as Lifesteps are dear to him.

Before the meeting was over, Brett suggested that we get in touch with Rachel Grove, a social service manager for the IRMC Physician Group, because she would have more contacts for us to solicit. Rachel’s office is at the Hospital’s overlook building. She was excited about the upcoming golf event and wanted to attend. As Brett suggested, Rachel had a list of people for us to try and solicit for the event.

Today’s meetings helped me continue to increase my network. I want to continue to build these connections throughout my internship.

Hours worked on site today:

9 AM – 2:30 PM

Spent 15 minutes on this blog

Hours worked as of today:

72 Hours 30 Minutes