Wednesday Workshop for 9/21 – Achievement Fund

This week’s Wednesday’s Workshop for First Year Students will focus on the CHC Achievement Fund.

Every year the CHC funds student travel abroad, internships, undergraduate research, conference travel, and many other educational enhancements.  It is the single most important source of financial support available to students in the CHC.  But you need to how it works, who can apply, and how to apply. We will also discuss the relative value of different kinds of educational enhancements, so you can begin thinking of an experience that can help your reach your career and educational goals.

Upper class students are welcome to attend as a refresher.

IUP Community Involvement Fair

  • The Office of Service Learning welcomes everyone in the IUP community to attend the Community Involvement Fair on Wednesday, September 14, 2016, in the HUB Ohio Room.

    Students may attend the fair at any time during the scheduled hours; no registration or fee is required.

    Agencies in the Indiana community are invited to attend to meet with students and share information on volunteer opportunities and internships available at their organization. Agencies registered with the Service Learning Program can also recruit Federal Work-Study employees.

    Faculty are encouraged to pass this information onto students and help incorporate service learning into more courses on campus.

    Community Involvement Fair: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

    Time: 11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

    Location: HUB Ohio Room, 319 Pratt Drive, Indiana, PA 15705

  • Agencies Attending Community Involvement Fair
    Agency list for the IUP Community Involvement Fair

National Student Exchange – Your Path to an External Research Credential

Applicants to graduate school learn pretty quickly that admission is dependent on the ability to speak the language of the program to which one is applying.  Schools want to know that you can do research, write and participate in the unique research and academic culture of their program.  One way to learn and demonstrate this is to tap into undergraduate research opportunities at other colleges and universities while an undergraduate.

The availability of undergraduate research opportunities was the topic of a recent seminar held by the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.  A liberal arts college could be your ticket to a very unique undergraduate research experience and an external credential because there is no competition from graduate students for these opportunities.

If the idea of using NSE to do undergraduate research at a public liberal arts school is of interest to you, please contact Jan Shellenbarger at 724-357-2235 or  She can help you find a college that will work with you to make this happen.



CHC Priority Registration Begins on March 21st

Priority scheduling is set for March 21, 2016. 

Honors College students are among those with priority registration privileges and should receive a scheduling time for the 21st – 23rd of March.  If you do not receive a scheduling time on one of these days, contact Kevin Berezansky at

CHC students should schedule a meeting with their adviser in the next few weeks to discuss plans for the fall semester and receive a registration PIN.  Don’t wait until the week before registration.  Faculty time is limited to office hours and scheduling is crunch time for them.  If you have questions about your honors college requirements you can schedule an appointment with Kevin Berezansky before meeting with your adviser.  Please print a copy of the Honors College Curriculum to share with your adviser and explain how the CHC curriculum meets your liberal studies requirements. Hard copies will also be available on the table outside Dr. Finegan’s office.

In addition to the Core Curriculum, CHC students must complete a 3 credit Honors Elective and an HNRC 499 substitution (Honors Senior Synthesis).  Until we undergo curriculum revision, the following are suitable 499 substitutes: a graduate level course, a significant study abroad experience, a second CHC elective, an internship, an Honors independent study or an Honors thesis.  Transfer students may be exempt from some requirements.  CHC students who entered the program after their first semester of college should schedule a meeting to be sure they are meeting all their honors requirements and the Liberal Studies requirements.

Students must be within 32 credits of graduation to pursue a graduate course and have received the appropriate departmental and college approvals.   IUP’s policy for undergraduates pursuing a graduate course is detailed as follows: “IUP undergraduate students with an academic grade point average of at least 2.6 who are within thirty-two semester hours of graduation are permitted, after receiving appropriate approvals, to take up to six semester hours of graduate work whether or not they have applied for acceptance into an IUP graduate program.”

Honors courses offered next fall include:

Subject Course Available to Honors students?
ACCT 201 ECOB Honors Only
BCOM 321 ECOB Honors Only
BIOL 483 Biology Dept. Honors Only
BLAW 235 ECOB Honors Only
ECON 356 CHC Students who need H Elect.
EDSP 102 CHC Students who need H Elect.
EDSP 376 CHC Students who need H Elect.
EDSP 477 CHC Students who need H Elect.
ENGL 202 All CHC (soph. status)
FIN 310 ECOB Honors Only
HBUS 101 ECOB Honors Only
HNRC 101 All CHC Freshman
HNRC 201 CHC Juniors (soph. with permission only)
MGMT 330 ECOB Honors Only
MKTG 320 ECOB Honors Only
MUHI 301 CHC Students who need H Elect.
PSYC 480 Psych. Department Honors Only
PSYC 483 Psych. Department Honors Only

Kaplan Representative will be on campus

This message is being sent on behalf of Dr. N. Bharathan: 

A Kaplan Representative will be on campus on Sunday, October 18th at 2:00 pm

Name of the Representative : Gregory Murdock

Will speak on testing (MCAT, DAT, GRE, etc.).

Meeting Venue Room 106 in Zink Hall.

This is an informational  meeting that will give students a better idea about these tests and some free testing materials are also going to provided for ONLY who attend!

CHC Priority Registration Begins October 13

Cook Honors College students will schedule beginning on October 13th.  You should schedule a meeting in the next two weeks with your academic adviser to plan your spring schedule.  Freshman will have a detailed overview of their requirements for the CHC curriculum tonight and on Wednesday during the Fall First Year Workshop.

This weeks workshop will cover:

1.  CHC Requirements for Graduation and Liberal Studies

2.  Degree Works (tracking your progress towards graduation)

3.  How to Prepare Your Adviser to Help You Schedule.

Cook Honors College Co-Curricular Workshops – Fall 2015

CHC first year students are required to attend a series of workshops for which they will receive credit for up to 30 hours of community service.  All students awarded a merit scholarship have a 60 hour requirement for service every year, with workshops accounting for up to half of this requirement for first year students.

This year we are offering two workshop sessions instead of one.  We believe this will lead to a much better student experience.  All students (who do not have a class) must attend the first session on Wednesday, August 26th at 11:15 am in the Great Hall.

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IUP Stapleton Library Open 24/5!!

What is 24/5? ~ Library is open 24 hours/ 5 days a week!!

  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m.–Friday: 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

Between 12:45a.m. – 7:45a.m.:

  • ONLY Stapleton Library first floor open
  • ONLY IUP students, faculty, & staff will be allowed on the premises
  • Patrons must swipe their I-Card upon entry to the building
  • Patrons remaining before 12:45 a.m. must report to Circulation Desk at 12:45 a.m. to swipe their I-Card
  • No overnight services (circulation, media, reference, technology)

Cook Achievement Fund Deadline – October 19th, 2015

If you are interested in applying for financial support for study or service abroad, an internship, or any other academic enrichment that you can justify for the Summer of 2015, Fall of 2015 or Spring of 2016, now is the time to act.

Deadline for Achievement Fund Applications:  October 19th, 2015

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New Mindfulness Class Series Offered

Koru is the Maori word for the unfurling fern frond, and it captures the representation of balance between growth and stability. Mindfulness and meditation are skills that help decrease stress, increase awareness and concentration, and help to maintain balance during times of rapid change. This free course, consisting of four classes, is designed to help you calm and stabilize your mind, manage anxiety and stress, and, in general, help you to live a more fulfilling life. If you are feeling pressured or stressed, you might be interested to learn these wonderful life skills!

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Writing Center Announces New Online Editing Chat Sessions!

Emily Weber, Aleda Johnson, and Jenna Enright thought
it might be helpful to let freshman (and upper class students) know about the new online tutoring sessions being offered by the IUP Writing Center.  HC students very rarely
take advantage of the Writing Center, most likely because they are either too busy or embarrassed to seek help.  Online tutoring makes it very convenient and provides a safe and supportive context for this interaction – your home.  Now there are no excuses for not getting help writing your papers.  There is some lead time required for tutors to read and edit your paper before your online appointment, so check out the process at: