CHC Priority Scheduling

CHC students are among those with priority registration privileges and should receive a scheduling time beginning on Tuesday, March 30th.

You have a month before you need to schedule a meeting with your advisor to discuss scheduling for the fall semester and receive your registration PIN.  If you have questions about your honors college requirements, you can schedule an appointment with me before meeting with your advisor.

Please share the Honors College Core Curriculum (attached) with your advisor before your meeting if they have any questions about the CHC coursework.  Some faculty are seasoned veterans of integrating CHC and LS requirements, while some may be less confident.  Be sure to advocate for yourself with respect to all your CHC course needs.  This document can help.

Fall Honors Core Curriculum

  • Rising sophomores – there is no core class for you this fall.  You may schedule an honors elective such as ENGL 202H, MATH217H or EDSP 102H.  ECOBIT honors meet the H elective through their honors business cohort coursework.
  • Rising juniors need to schedule Junior Core – HNRC 201.  Because of limited space, the only other students permitted to schedule junior core will be second year Nursing and Allied Health majors and seniors who have not yet completed it.
  • Rising juniors – please review your core units and liberal studies coursework to be sure that you can meet all the liberal studies requirements in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences by graduation.  Remember that you are on your own for your GMA and Writing Intensive requirements.  If you have more need than remaining units of study, you may need to take those courses outside the honors curriculum.
  • Transfer students (IUP/other university) may be exempt from some CHC core requirements based on course work competed prior to entering the program.  Please schedule a meeting with me to review how you will meet your Honors and liberal studies requirements through core.

In addition to the Honors Core Curriculum, CHC students must complete a 3 credit Honors Elective and an Experiential Education Component to graduate.  The experiential component need not be for credit.  Sophomore Nursing and Allied Health majors should consider ENGL 202 H as an honors elective.   

  • The following are suitable experiential education components: a graduate level course, a significant study abroad experience, a second CHC elective, an internship, an Honors independent study or Honors thesis.
  • If you have difficulty finding a relevant Honors elective and are unable to complete ENGL 202 H, you may add an H to any existing course to meet this requirement.  The form Adding and H to an Existing Course outlines the process you will need to follow to request this exception.  Any course may be converted with the assistance of the teaching professor and must be submitted to the Honors College for approval prior to the start of the semester during which it will be completed.

Taking a Graduate Course for the Honors Experiential

Students must be within 32 credits of graduation to pursue a graduate course for experiential credit.  IUP’s policy for undergraduates pursuing a graduate course is as follows: “IUP undergraduate students with an academic grade point average of at least 2.6 who are within thirty-two semester hours of graduation are permitted, after receiving appropriate approvals, to take up to six semester hours of graduate work whether or not they have applied for acceptance into an IUP graduate program.”

Additional Honors courses offered for fall can be found online at the University wide Class Schedule.  You can search by the Honors Course Attribute to see them all.  Some H electives are restricted to college or major while others are open to any honors college student.  Please consider the relevance of an H elective to your major before randomly choosing one.   (For example – it is better to add an H component to a 300 or 400 level major elective than take an H elective that is not useful to your major.)

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Honors College Core Curriculum

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