National Student Exchange – Your Path to an External Research Credential

Applicants to graduate school learn pretty quickly that admission is dependent on the ability to speak the language of the program to which one is applying.  Schools want to know that you can do research, write and participate in the unique research and academic culture of their program.  One way to learn and demonstrate this is to tap into undergraduate research opportunities at other colleges and universities while an undergraduate.

The availability of undergraduate research opportunities was the topic of a recent seminar held by the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.  A liberal arts college could be your ticket to a very unique undergraduate research experience and an external credential because there is no competition from graduate students for these opportunities.

If the idea of using NSE to do undergraduate research at a public liberal arts school is of interest to you, please contact Jan Shellenbarger at 724-357-2235 or  She can help you find a college that will work with you to make this happen.



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