SHP 2019 Now Hiring for Counselor Positions

SHP Summer Counselor Position Announcement

The Cook Honors College is looking for counselors to help run our Summer Honors Program (SHP). This year’s program runs from July 7-20, 2019.

We are planning to hire students with Federal Work Study (FWS), but do not want to discourage your interest if you are uncertain about your status.

Salary for the two weeks is $1100 plus 30 hours of community service.

Below you will find the counselor application and position description.

Summer Honors Program Counselor Position Description

SHP 2019 Counselor Application

The deadline for applications is March 8, 2019.

Counseling Resources

The Counseling Center will be once again offering a number of counseling groups to students! Research has shown that group counseling is as effective as individual counseling. Talking with other students who have similar experiences provides support and perspective. The following groups are offered at The Counseling Center in G31 Suites on Maple East.


These groups usually include 4-9 students and are facilitated by two therapists. Group facilitators work to provide a safe, confidential environment where members are free to discuss their thoughts, feelings and concerns as they are comfortable. 

Participation in these groups requires an initial meeting with the group facilitators. To schedule this initial meeting or to ask questions: contact the Counseling Center at 724-357-2621, stop by G31 Suites on Maple East, or contact Karen Lemasters at

Fall 17 Group Color Flyer -1 (1)-1tjvxj7


Red-Flag Poetry

Red-Flag Poetry is a small, locally-founded poetry journal, unique in publishing one poem per month on a postcard delivered to your mailbox. We are proudly supported by the English Department at IUP, and through their generosity, it’s free for anyone with an IUP email address!

How do you sign up? Go over to, and click on  subscribe. Fill out the form, and if you use an IUP email, you will  not receive an invoice. Instead, you’ll start getting poems the  following month for free. You can sign up for six months or a year,  and as long as you renew your subscription with an active IUP email  address, you can continue to receive new and innovative work every  month.

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JoAnne Day Student of the Year Awards (application included)

Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Employers

The JoAnne Day Student of the Year Awards

PennACE would like to recognize the achievements and contributions made by undergraduate students enrolled at member institutions who have completed an internship or co-op assignment. The JoAnne Day Student of the Year Awards were created for this purpose in honor of a career development professional. There are four categories, each awarding $250.

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RHC to Host Program on Race and White Privilege

Where: CHC Great Hall
When: Wednesday, February 10 at 8 PM

In an effort to continue the campus dialogue on race, there will be a facilitation on race and white privilege by the Office of Social Equity’s Diversity Peer Educator program.

For more information on the Diversity Peer Educator Program please visit

Achievement Applications Being Reviewed for Summer and Fall 2016

If you are interested in applying for financial support for study or service abroad, an internship, or any other academic enrichment for the Summer or Fall of 2016, now is the time to act. If you are unsure about something that interests you or just need help with elements of the application or essays, contact me at

Deadline for Achievement Fund Applications:  February 22, 2016

 Achievement Application Components

  1. Cover sheet and Signature page
  2. Personal statement (the resources below are very useful)
  1. Proposal for how funds will be used.  This includes:
  • A description of what the enhancement experience will be
  • A justification for this specific experience, why it is the next thing you should do beyond the classroom
  • A breakdown of costs in table form
  • Explanation of other funding sources that you have applied for
  • Status of arrangements: Admission status, whether preliminary arrangements have been made, deadlines, dates for funding, etc.
  1. Resume/Vita
  2. Four-year plan

Sustainability Studies Minor

The Sustainability Studies Program will be holding an information booth at the library next week, where we will be able to answer students’ questions about the new minor program.

Information Booth Times in the Library:
Mon Oct 12, 2-4
Tues Oct 13, 2-4
Friday Oct 16, 12-2

Introduction to Sustainability, which is a liberal studies elective and a required course for the minor. SUST 201 will
be offered for the first time in Spring 2016.

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NAACP will be hosting its 29th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet

Hello all,

The Indiana County Unit of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) will be hosting its 29th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet on Saturday, November 14, 2015.  The banquet will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. at the Park Inn Radisson, Indiana PA (formerly Holiday Inn) located on Wayne Avenue.  Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.

The theme for this year’s banquet is America’s Journey for Equality.  The speaker will be Mr. Chris Moore.  Mr. Moore is best-known for his work on Black Horizons on WQED-TV. He has co-hosted and produced the Emmy-winning series, the longest running minority-affairs program on public television, since 1968.  He also produced and narrated Wylie Avenue Days, an Emmy Award-winning documentary on the Hill District.  Mr. Moore is a Grambling State University graduate and Vietnam veteran.  We look forward to an exciting evening with him.

Tickets may be purchased for $30.00 each and $15.00 for children under 18 years old and students.  Advertisement may be placed in the program booklet on or before Wednesday, October 21, 2015.  We suggest that you purchase your tickets and advertisement space as soon as possible, as this helps with our publication.  If you are unable to attend the banquet, I ask that you send a representative and/or purchase advertisement space.  With your generosity and assistance we can continue to offer support in educational and civil rights issues in the local community.

If you are in need of further assistance, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Thank you for your continued support of the NAACP.

Dr. Roger Briscoe
Associate Professor
Department of Educational and School Psychology
246 Stouffer Hall
Indiana, PA 15705-1087

Newman Used Book Sale – Volunteers Needed (PA Clearances Required)

Schedule for Event – Volunteer Opportunities

Saturday, Sept. 12, 9am-2pm – Sorting of donated books

Saturday, Sept. 12, 9am – 4pm – Setting up tables

Saturday, Sept. 12, 3pm – 4pm – Directing traffic

Sunday, Sept. 13, 9am-10am – Directing traffic

Sunday, Sept. 13, 3pm-finished   Moving boxes of books from storage to the tent and church

Sunday, Sept. 13, 6pm-7pm – Directing traffic

Monday – Sept. 14, 10am-10pm – Organizing books

Tuesday – Sept. 15, 10am-10pm – Organizing books

Wednesday – Sept. 16, 10am-10pm – Organizing books

Thursday – Sept. 17, 10am-10pm – Organizing books

Friday – Sept. 18, 10am-3pm – Organizing books

Friday – Sept. 18, Noon – 10pm – Directing traffic in and out of the parking lot

Friday – Sept. 18, 4pm-10pm – Cashier, tallying large orders, straightening books

Saturday – Sept. 19, 8am-7pm – Directing traffic in and out of the parking lot

Saturday – Sept. 19, 9am-7pm – Cashier, straightening books

Sunday – Sept. 20, 8:30am – 4pm – Directing traffic in and out of the parking lot

Sunday – Sept. 20, 10am-4pm – Cashier, straightening books

Sunday – Sept. 20, 4pm—Packing unsold books and loading the truck

Sunday – Sept. 20, 6:30pm- 7pm – Directing traffic


Newman Used Book Sale

St. Thomas More University Parish & Catholic Student Center

1200 Oakland Avenue

Indiana, PA 15701


PA Clearance Required (Instructions)

Any students interested in cashiering at the book sale (who have their clearances) can contact Anne Cash at to find out what time slots are available.  Last year 20 slots were filled by CHC students — we hope by requiring clearances we won’t lose too many.  Anne has already sent out a desperate need request!

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