How to Take Advantage of Connected Adobe Programs

There are a lot of people who are not aware of the connection between Adobes programs. This connection can make editing in different programs simple and hassle free. Here is how you can take advantage of connected Adobe programs.

When you are editing in Adobe Premiere, you can import audio from Adobe Audition. An advantage of this connection is being able to directly import a voiceover into Premiere. You don’t have to sorry about exporting it into an audio file that will run in Premiere, then importing it.

When working in Adobe After Effects, you can directly import audio front Adobe Audition. The benefit of this connection is to avoid exporting the audio file in a size too large for After Effects. This will help you import the audio quickly and cleanly.

When working in Adobe After Effects, you can import video from Adobe Premiere by making it a new composition. When you are done editing the clip you want in Premiere, highlight it, right click, and hit “Replace Adobe After Effects Composition”. This will import the video directly into After Effects as a new composition. You can place it on the timeline from here.

When you are done with your project in After Effects, you can send it to Adobe Media Encoder. This is the best way to export your project. Media Encoder allows you to control the file type, it’s name, and the location it will go to. Just hit “file, export, open in Adobe Media Encoder”.

The most important thing to remember when talking advantage of Adobe’s connected programs is to make sure you have both programs open and running. It will not work if the program you are sending it to is not open. It may also take a few minutes for the files to finish transferring to the new program. Now you’re all set to take advantage of Adobe’s connected programs. Which connected programs have you used?

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