Finding Your Inspiration Part 2

Researching can be a fun first step to finding your inspiration. Once you gained it, there are many ways to start doing some editing to get the ball rolling. Here are a few ways to find your inspiration to begin editing.

Making your own trailers can help you feel inspired. Whether it’s a movie trailer for a book you’ve read, a movie trailer in a different point of view, or a trailer for your favorite show, it’ll help you start editing with something you enjoy. You can also make trailers for your favorite content creators. You’ll enjoy going through the footage and making a trailer for it.

You can create your own “podcast” about your favorite content. You don’t have to publish it anywhere, this can be purely for practice. If you cover your favorite content, you will be passionate about the subject and never run out of things to say.

Another thing you can make are fan edits of your favorite content. Fan edits don’t have to be embarrassing or cringy, a simple “best moments” video is perfect. You have creative liberties to make something you want to see.

If you want to practice graphic design, you can make posters for your favorite content. You can also make stickers and even make a profit off of it. This is something you will have fun doing, teach you the controls of the programs, and potentially make you some money. You can also sell the prints of the posters you make.

There are plenty of ways to practice sharpening your skills based on what inspires you. There is an audience for everything, posting your work can help you build your online presence, portfolio, and possibly make you a profit. What would you make?

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