About Me

If you can’t find me, I can be usually be found on my laptop. Whether I’m editing audio, creating videos, writing stories, or watching YouTube; I am always working on my laptop. In the Basement of the Castle is my self-run podcast, the only Disney Conspiracy Podcast. My interest in Disney Conspiracies continues with my ongoing screenplay Where Dreams Come True. I love working in After Effects, particularly adding effects to videos. I edit weekly videos for a local church and enjoy keeping my skills sharp on the side. Audio production is what I am passionate about. I’m working for an on-air personality position; I have experience assisting an on-air personality at a local radio station and have run my own shows on my college stations. I was the Vice President and Program Director at WNCC and the Music Director at WIUP-FM. Besides wanting to work on-air, I want to create audio scripts. I enjoy utilizing my creative skills in any way I can and hope to work with all of them. If you’re interested in learning more about me or my work, simply reach out.

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