How Can Reading Cause Inspiration?

I am fully aware that in today’s day and age, not a lot of people read. A lot of people would ask, “how can reading books give me inspiration to edit?” Here are a few advantages of reading for editing inspiration.

Right off the bat, reading for inspiration can give you a huge advantage; not a lot of people do it. You will stand out more with a “What Jane Austen Would Look Like in Modern Times” graphic design than a “The Office: Reimagined” graphic design. Of course, The Office is popular and would bring in views, but you can get lost in a sea of The Office edits and art. Author Jane Austen is popular but will generate less graphic designs and give you a more diverse portfolio.

Reading can also help with your articulation and communication skills. Every author said the key to becoming a good writer is to read. A well-written email or description for your piece will impress your future employers.

There are endless possibilities to what you can read for inspiration. You could do modern retellings of classic literature. You could focus on your favorite author. There are tons of genres and sub-genres, allowing anyone to find their reading niche. Once you find that niche, there is a whole community with it desperately trying to find content for it online. If you provide the content, that community will love seeing it!

Despite movies being mostly remakes, sequels, or book adaptations, there are millions of great books that don’t have a movie or proper adaptations. Think about the Percy Jackson series, fans are hopeful that the DisneyPlus series will live up to the books but before that, the best adaptation was broadway musical, The Lightning Thief. Percy Jackson has become a TikTok sensation, due to the niche audience earning for content.

There are books out there for everyone, you just need to find it. Making content inspired by books can give you a huge advantage. There are communities begging for content based on their favorite novels. What books would you make an adaptation of?

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