How Following Your Inspiration Can Get You a Job

It’s fun to make content based on your inspiration, but most people would be hesitant to add it to their portfolio out of fear of not looking professional or copyright strikes. These are understandable fears; however, showing what you are interested and passionate about can help you land a job.

Adding your “fan-made” trailers to your portfolio will showcase your creativity and editing skills. If you are applying for an editing position, they will see your skills and passion. Employers would rather see a passionate project than an interview with a dog groomer.

If you want to be a journalist for a blog, your employer would rather have passionate articles about topics you’re interested in. You will enjoy making content about stuff you are interested in. This method applies to any reporting position, including radio and podcast.

Your passion shines through with creative pieces on your portfolio. Don’t be afraid to add your passion projects, this is the material employers are looking for. What projects would you add to a portfolio?

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