Using Adobe Media Encoder

Using Adobe Media Encoder can slightly confusing. A lot of people are unsure what it is used for. Here are a few tips on using Adobe Media Coder.

Media Encoder is used to export projects out of programs like After Effects; it is the best way to get a finished project out of After Effects. Once you are finished with an After Effects project, save it. Open Adobe Media Encoder and wait for it to fully open.

Once it is open, go back to After Effects and hit file, export, add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue. It may take a few minutes for it to send to Media Encoder. Once it loads, you can click on the link under “output file” to change where it will be exported to and the file type. You want it to export as an mp4 usually.

Once you are ready to export it, hit the green play button in the upper left corner. It will take a little while for your project to finish exporting, the longer the project the longer the wait. When it’s done, it will say “status done”. Then you can close Media Encoder and After Effects.

Now you’re done! What After Effects project would you export?

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