The GOOD and the BAD about having a comm degree

Having a degree in communications can be very rewarding and at the same time it can be a curse. A lot of my friends always tell me that majoring in comm was a bad choice when I was a freshman because the whole major was BS.  I’ve always disagreed, I think that if you have a passion for something in the field, you should definitely pursue it, whatever it is. Whether it’s photography, videography ect.   I think a comm degree is not BS and is as good of a degree as a degree in any other subject.

I also think that communication in general is a very broad subject and that’s probably the cause for people believing that the major has no foundation. That’s not at all true, some people have specific interests like audio recording, videography and  as I mentioned earlier photography amongst many other concentrations you can choose to focus your career on. One of my best friends for example,  who graduated from IUP with a Comm degree, when she attended IUP she focused on photography because that was something she truly enjoyed and had a passion for. Therefore, its not that Communications doesn’t have a foundation, its just very broad and people can choose between many different things to focus on which I think is a plus. Having a wide range of options as far as what you will be doing in your career can be very beneficial for people that aren’t too sure on what they really want to do career wise. Some people might see this as a bad thing; not having one specific, overall topic to focus their attention on when it come to their degree. Others might not want to be bothered with it and think that it is too overwhelming to have so many different career paths to choose from.

A way that people can get over this Comm media major stigma is by actually doing some research on the topic and major itself before jumping to conclusions. Having a lot of choices might overwhelm some people, but it can be extremely rewarding for others. As long as people know this, I think can help people not think that Communications media is a major not worth going to college for.  encouraging students to do research and educate others on their knowledge related to Communications would be something that I would do to help break the stigma.

Now for all of my communications media majors out there what struggles did you have going into your major and what were your initial career interest? I would love to hear what you guys have to say!


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